Pizza Wholesale of Lexington, Inc. (PWL), a founding distributor of Hunt Brothers® Pizza, was established in the beautiful horse country of Paris, Kentucky in 1976, by Jim Hunt, one of the 4 Hunt Brothers.  PWL is a privately-held, family-owned and operated, direct-store distribution business.


It’s a story of humble beginnings that crafted the future of the business and our pizza family.  After 10 years with the Hunt brothers growing Pepe’s Pizza across 14 states, Jim left Pepe’s for the Smokey Mountains. After a year of praying, thinking, writing, and spending time with his family in Gatlinburg, TN, he and his wife moved their 4 children to Paris, KY to start a wholesale pizza company.


Jim started the company to feed his family... One man, one truck.


PWL started on Bethlehem Road with an old van and an ice freezer in the back yard of the family home, creating a need and value for one new customer at a time, with one man, and one truck.  Jim knew that each customer should be treated as if they were his only customer, so he treated them with respect, kindness, and strived for a happy, helpful attitude.  We’ve maintained the vision statement he set in 1976:

“We show appreciation to our business partners through outstanding customer service, consistent product quality, and a happy, helpful attitude at all times."


The company grew.  Jim added a new team member when the sales of his customer base grew beyond what one man could handle on his own.  He always gave a lot of the credit to those he hired for growth and improvements in the business, and knew that people would make the difference in his company.


The family grew.  Jim and Cheryl’s immediate family grew to 8 children; 4 are currently active in the company today. The pizza family has grown to 181 team members across 16 states.


The products grew. Building on their experience from Pepe’s Pizza, the 4 Hunt brothers put their resources together to develop a product that would change the industry. Although Pepe’s was successful, they realized they had complicated things for their customers by having a large menu, offering pizza and products that required too much preparation, and became a commodity.  In 1991, with the intent of becoming an industry leader offering a simple program with excellent service, the Hunt Brothers® Pizza food service concept was developed. Our quality products and program make it easy to begin offering fresh baked, great tasting pizza.


Today, the 2nd generation of the Jim Hunt family is focused on protecting and enhancing the values and culture of what Jim envisioned.  We are postured for growth and are in one of the most exciting times of our company history! 


If you’re a self-starter, strive to maintain a positive attitude, love working with, serving and being a blessing to amazing people, and you love pizza...


We want YOU to be a part of our family pizza company!


PWL develops Hunt Brothers® Pizza across 16 states and currently serves 3150 valued customer partners.  Our purpose is to “Create Opportunities for Families Through Love and Pizza”.  Our team members’ families, community outreach, disaster relief, and having the means to give to those in need are drivers for our growth goals. 


With over 40 years of customer-focused service, PWL is dedicated to above and beyond frequent service with relationship building, quality food products and programs, marketing initiatives, equipment, and training for our customer partners to operate their own turnkey Hunt Brothers  Pizza branded pizza program. Please contact us to learn more.