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About PWL

Pizza Wholesale of Lexington, Inc. (PWL), established in 1976, a founding distributor of Hunt Brothers® Pizza, is a privately held, family-owned and operated direct store distribution business based out of Paris, Kentucky.

It’s a story of humble beginnings that crafted the future of the business and our pizza family. Jim Hunt, one of the original 4 Hunt Brothers, decided after a year of praying, hiking, writing and spending time with his family in Gatlinburg, TN, to move his wife, Cheryl, and their 4 children to Paris, KY to start a wholesale pizza company.

It all started on Bethlehem Road with an old van and an ice freezer in the backyard of the family home. Just one man, one truck, one new customer at a time. Jim knew that each customer should be treated as if they were his only customer, so he treated them with respect, kindness, and strived for a happy, helpful attitude.


Today, the 2nd generation of the Jim Hunt family continues to stay focused on maintaining and enhancing the values and culture of what Jim and his team built with PWL.

By developing the Hunt Brothers® Pizza program to over 3200 (and growing) valued customer partners across 21 states through 24 distribution centers, this company dominates its segment with more growth opportunities to come.

With over 45 years of customer focused service, we are dedicated to above and beyond frequent service with relationship building, food products, marketing programs, equipment and training for customer partners to operate their own turnkey Hunt Brothers® Pizza branded pizza program.

The Hunt Brothers

Hunt Brothers® Pizza began with four brothers, Don, Charlie, Jim and Lonnie Hunt. In 1991, the brothers combined each of their decades of experience and knowledge in the pizza and convenience store industries, founding the brand company now known as Hunt Brothers® Pizza. The brothers’ core mission was to turn outward to be a blessing to people. The purpose was to offer a complete pizza concept for the neighborhood market or convenience store by providing an effective branded pizza program specifically designed for c-stores to help drive profits and have the finest ingredients sold at a fair price. Current store partners agree that Hunt Brothers® Pizza is one of the biggest profit drivers in their store. Today, the second generation is dedicated to ensuring this same mission and continues to strive to be a blessing to customers and their communities with outstanding team members.

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HBP fam pic


Culture and Values

PWL has strategically positioned itself to grow within and beyond its’ current territories with our purpose to “Create opportunities for families through love and pizza™”. We operate the business and our team members hold each other accountable to the following four core values:

Family Spirit

Taking ownership, sharing success and working together toward a common goal; treating one another as family. Working together within and outside of our team to create better results and achieve a common goal.


Speaks and demonstrates with complete honesty and trustworthiness, creating long term growth and organizational stability for future generations. An obligation or commitment to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions in a transparent manner.

Servant Leadership

Passionately serving without expectation of receiving anything in return; serving for the sake of creating value and a blessing. Guides, Encourages and Motivates (GEM).

Humble Excellence

The actions and behaviors that show continual learning and organizational improvement; above and beyond expectations, while remaining humble by turning outward to be a blessing to people.

Our Guiding Principles

Place God First In All We Do

Be A Blessing To People

Trust God To Meet Our Needs

Strive For Excellence